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The results are in - DieselWest places first

Search Engine Optimisation

Project description:

Client industry – trade 

Location – Perth 

Sevices Provided – SEO, Content Marketing 

Period – 10 months 

DieselWest contracted the services of Undergrnd in July 2016 to increase their online visibility and overall Search Engine Ranking. As it stood, DieselWest's website was receiving minimal web traffic (around three visits per day) due to its low placement on Google. This was the same case for their social media channels, with minimal visits to any of their platforms. 

Initial Goals 

1. Increase web traffic by over 100%

2. Increase search engine ranking for at least 5 key search phrases by at least 10 rankings each

3. Increase social referral traffic by creating engaging blog content that created click-throughs


Over the course of ten months, Undergrnd was able to increase rankings for  the primary search term as follows:

#16 in four months

 #3 in six months 

#1 ranked nationally seven months 

#1 ranked locally eight months

Campaign Results 

After ten months of SEO and strategic content marketing, the final results were in...

1. #1 ranking for company name both locally and nationally

2. Increased ranking from #59 to #1 ranking for key search term both locally and nationally 

3. 175% increase in website visits 

4. Overall search visibility for targeted key words increased from 0.11% to 4.35% 

How we did it 

Undergrnd Marking is a Perth-based marketing company providing search engine optimisation and content creation services. Through our targeted research techniques and SEO web tools, we are able to find keyword search terms with the greatest growth potential to assist our clients in reaching a better Google position. DieselWest engaged our services from July 2016 until May 2017. In this time, Undergrnd Marketing managed to increase the website’s google ranking from the third page to first position on Google. As well as developing original targeted content to drive progress in keyword rankings, we were able to utilise SEO tools to further boost the website’s search visibility.  

Got a project in mind?

We are very interested to hear more about your project!

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