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Startup Business Strategy: 20 Tips and Ideas for Restaurant Planning

Dylan Urquhart
Marketing Manager
Everybody loves going to nice restaurants and a lot of people choose restaurants as the places to create some of their most meaningful moments: dates, proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and many more.

Yes, this means that there is a high demand for good restaurants, but why would a person choose yours? 



People want the restaurant to be nice, with amazing service and delicious food. Achieving this is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time, work and effort to run a good and reputable restaurant and it all starts with a great business plan.

 Here are some of the tips you should definitely incorporate in your restaurant business plan if you want it to be successful.

1. Location, Location, Location

The location is what can make or break your restaurant. Search for a busy neighbourhood, but keep in mind that availability of parking and easy access are important. If you can - opt for a corner of two streets for your restaurant.

2. No Space is Too Small

Don’t give up on a restaurant idea if you think your place is too small. A good interior decorator can still make it work. Promote a “takeaway” option to clear your tables sooner.

3. Design Matters

Food quality is still the factor of unprecedented importance when it comes to choosing a restaurant. However, design and decor are right behind it, so they deserve your attention.

4. Every Detail Counts

People love sharing their food stories online. Therefore, you need to make your restaurant Instagram-worthy. Achieve that by paying extra attention to your tableware, utensils, linen and all those little details that would make a great photo even better.

5. Kitchen Is the Heart of Your Restaurant

A restaurant cannot be successful if the kitchen is not functional. For that to happen, an excellent interior designer has to be involved. They will anticipate the critical points and enable the efficient and quick workflow.

6. Menu Design Needs to Shine

Your menu is like an ID of your restaurant. Therefore, make it look amazing and consistent with your overall restaurant design. Choose the colours and fonts carefully.

7. Ingredient Lists Helps a Lot

Some people hate onions. Others cannot stand garlic. Nuts cause allergies with many of your customers. Therefore, your menu should include the list of ingredients for every item. It will prevent bad restaurant experience and save your waiters the time they spend explaining each of the dishes.

8. Sometimes, Less Is More

Oversized portions are not economical and they are not even healthy. Trim down your food portions to a reasonable size and watch this change improve your profits.

9. Regular Menu Revisions Work Wonders

Some dishes are more popular and some are less popular. Make a regular revision of your menu and leave only the ones that sell well. You can replace the unpopular ones with new menu items.

10. A Bit of Something for Everyone

Different food options are becoming increasingly important. Healthy options are necessary, but it is wise to include vegan, raw, gluten-free, or all-organic. Follow food trends to be up to date.

11. Bloggers and Influencers Can Help You

Spreading the word online is very important for your restaurant success. Organise bloggers’ events and work with social media influencers to announce your presence.

12. Wi-Fi Marketing Platforms Work Well With Restaurants

All it takes is to ask people for a sign-up or to like your Facebook page to use your free Wi-Fi network. This collects their contact details you can later use for your social media efforts.

13. Customers Like to Be Appreciated

Implement some kind of loyalty program for your customers. Allow them to have special cards that they can use to earn points which they can later exchange for some perks.

15. If You’re Not on Social Media, You Don’t Exist

You need a strong social media presence. Maintain active and interesting Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and communicate with your consumer base. Ever heard of the amazing Wendy’s Twitter account craze?

 16. Millennials Love to Order and Book Online

It will save you time and money if you allow people to order online. This service is next to necessary for every modern restaurant.

17. No Stains. Anywhere. Ever.

The moment a customer notices a stain on anything, they think a bit less of your restaurant. Prevent that and replace, clean and neutralise anything that has a stain on it.

18. Shiny Facade Promises Shiny Interior

Keep the outside of your restaurant as clean as the inside. It gives out a perfect first impression and makes people want to come in.

19. Washrooms Should Be Clean as Kitchens

Improper washroom hygiene can destroy your restaurant business. Keep it spotless and clean it every hour.

20. Uniforms Make Your Staff Look Professional and Trustworthy

Uniforms will make your employees look professional and that helps your efforts to attract customers. Keep those uniforms new and clean at all times.

These tips include valuable advice about hygiene, marketing, design and menu organisation. They are the essential gems of wisdom taken from the experts. However, there so many more ideas that can help you improve your business plan - a hundred more! Explore these strategies and write a better business plan with 126 Expert Ideas for Your Restaurant Business Plan.


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